Mission and Values of Bank


Philosophy of the Bank

The Bank assigns high priority to the satisfaction of the interests of its clients, employees and shareholders. “Based on the cause and effect relationship we fully understand that our motivated and professional employees will ensure stable and reliable business process, which will promote satisfaction of needs of the clients and consequently, implementation of goals set by our shareholder”.

Mission of Bank 

“To be a trustworthy and stable partner for small and medium enterprises and promote welfare improvement of natural persons – by providing them with simple banking services consistent with their requirements”.

Vision of Bank    

“To become SME and retail banking services market leader of RA financial system in financial and non-financial indicators”.

Values of Bank:  

By undertaking its activities, the Bank follows preservation of the below values:
Excellence: “We aspire to exceed the expectations of our customers, personnel and shareholder – by implementing a sustainable review of their requirements. Qualitative excellence contributes to qualitative excellence”. 
Transparency: “We highlight the transparency towards our customers by submitting to them with complex information about all the banking services we provide. We also highlight the access to full information via various information sources”. 
Trust: “By implementing a complex sale of banking services we highlight the trust of our customers and partners as a reliable partner”. 
Loyalty: “We highlight the loyalty of our customers and employees and create conditions for their sustainability. Our employees have professional growth, social security guarantees and our customers – opportunities to receive complex services for their comfort”. 
Professionalism: “Professionalism of our staff creates stable business process and sustainable training opportunity. We highlight the exchange of experience among our staff and their harmonious cooperation”.

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